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Permission - dovolení, povolení
can (moci)     Can I open the window? You can go with us.
may (smět)    May I leave?   He may go to the cinema tonight.
could (mohl by)   Could he go on holiday in May?
to allow sb to do (he is allowed) They allow him to do what he wants. He is allowed to use his computer.
to permit sb to do (he is permitted) They do not have work permits.
to let sb do (he is let to do) Let me go out, please! He is let to use his note book at his school.
could (mohl) He could go with them.
was/were allowed …. He was allowed to visit his brothrer in prison.
Prohibition – zákaz
don´t go ( negative imperative)
mustn´t (nesmíš)
cannot (nemůžeš)         
to forbid sb to do st (he is forbidden to)                His parents forbid him to date her.
to ban sb to do st                                                       They always try to ban the march.
not allow/permit sb to do st (he is not allowed to)   He is not allowed to visit her.
not let sb do st (they are not let to go)               They let him go. He is let to go.
was/were not allowed/permitted /let to                           
was/were forbidden/banned to
couldn´t (nemohl)