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ICT in everyday life
ICT enables businesses, governments and education institutions, hospitals etc. perform their various functions with greater efficiency and accuracy (census, patients´ and employee’s records, monitoring patients). With the internet, all the services may be even better.
Internet services for consumers
E  – commerce
Buying and selling of products through an electronic system, such as internet (www.amazon.comwww.mall.cz, www.ikup.cz (internet auction)). You can select preferences – e.g. brand
For those who do not have time to go to bank. Started with M-banking (with mobile phone), now e-banking via internet. (www.csob.cz, www.kb.cz). Security will always be a question.
E – government
Local and state governments provide services to their citizens (grant application, income tax, vote, extract from the registration of a company… )
Courses in electronic format, on –line tests. Your experience and opinion – can computers replace teachers? School in the future? (Vyuka.gjkt.cz)
Teleworking means working from home (do you know somebody who works from home?) Think about posts suitable for teleworking.
Advantages: calm and quiet of your home, your own planning of work, no travel expenses, no office space …
Disadvantages: hardly any relations between people, sometimes difficult for the employee – establish boundary between family and work
       E – mail (fast, low-cost communication, informal)
       Instant messaging (exchanging messages in real time, support of other tools such as: sending and receiving, music, videos, and video cams and voice conversations )
       Voice over internet protocol (using computer network connection for transmission of voice, cheep new tool to traditional telephone)
       Blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular entries of commentary, descriptions of events, or other material such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in reverse-chronological order. " (Who creates them? What for?)
       RSS (really simple syndication) you can subscribeto RSS feeds provided by some websites – you are sent new information automatically
       Podcasts (Portable On-Demand Broadcast) extension to RSS – you can subscribe videos, music
       Virtual communities – group of people who communicate via internet (Social networking Websites – Facebook, Chatrooms, Online computer games, forums)
Publishing on-line
Publishing content on-line – today really easy. You can  create a photo gallery (flickr) or upload video (You Tube) but you should always keep on mind that on line communities which may be abused by dangerous people:
On-line precautions (prikóšn – výstraha)
  •  Do not use your name
  •   Create a new email address, if it is required
  •   Information posted is publicly available and subject to the same laws as publicly made comments