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CV -instructions ( HW by Monday February 4th)


CV Length: While resumes are generally one page long, CVs are longer. Most CVs are at least two pages long, and often much longer.
Font and Size: Do not use ornate fonts that are difficult to read; Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, or a similar font is best. Your font size should be between 10 and 12 points, although your name and the section headings can be a little larger and/or bolded.
Format: However you decide to organize the sections of your CV, be sure to keep each section uniform. For example, if you put the name of one organization in italics, every organization name must be in italics.
If you include a sentence or two about your accomplishments in a particular position, fellowship, etc., make a bullet list of each accomplishment. This will keep your CV organized and easy to read.
Accuracy: Be sure to edit your CV before sending it. Check spelling, grammar, tenses, names of companies and people, etc. Have a friend or career services counselor check over your CV as well.
What to Include on Your CV
Contact information: At the top of your CV, include your name, date of birth and contact information (address, phone number, email address, etc.).
 Education: This may include college and graduate study. Include the school attended, dates of study, and degree received. List your highest degree first. Omit high school if you have a college (university) degree. List the schools you attended (years when you attended them and proper names ), the degrees you attained, and any special awards and honors you earned (or you can list them separately in the following section).
 Honors and Awards: This may include departmental awards, scholarships, fellowships, and membership in any honors associations. You can include your sport achievements.
Research Experience: List any research experience you have, including where you worked, when, and with whom. Include any publications resulting from your research.
Work Experience: List relevant work experience; this may include non-academic work that you feel is worth including. List the employer, position, and dates of employment. Include a brief list of your duties and/or accomplishments. You can mention work for charity.  List your work experience in order of the most recent (or the most relevant) first.
Skills: List any relevant skills you have not yet mentioned. This may include language skills, computer skills, administrative skills, etc.
Publications and Presentations: List any publications you have written, co-written, or contributed to. Include all necessary bibliographic information. You should also include any pieces you are currently working on. Include papers you presented at conferences and/or associations: list the name of the paper, the conference name and location, and the date.
Professional Memberships: List any professional associations to which you belong. If you are a board member of the association, list your title.
Interests and hobbies:
References: In this section, you should include the name, title, and contact information for those people who have agreed to be a reference for you. If you do not wish to include their information, you can simply write, "references available upon request."
Finally, be aware that not all CVs look the same. You may choose to include only some of these sections because others do not apply to your background. Include what seems appropriate for your area of specialty.
Personal Information
Date of Birth: 1. 1. 1974
Address: NEW YORK, NY
Telephone: 77676767611112
E-mail: hross.novak@domain.net
Nationality: Polish
Status: Single, Male
1992 – 19        Faculty of Management 97, New York University
Course: Human Resource management
Thesis theme: Human Resource Management in Organization
Final examination subjects: Design of IS, Finance, Law, Economics
Job experience
1998- 2001     Aditus - personnel agency
Recruiter for Western Europe
(Recruitment, human resource counselling, organizational culture audit, training)
2001 - today  Acesta-Job.info - Job Search Server
Project manager
(Business requirements analysis, process specification, start up, project management)
1997 – 2002    Faculty of Economics and Management
External teacher
(HR management, Management, Marketing, Cybernetics, Participation in inland and European grants)
Languages:    Fluently English, Polish, Spanish
Computer skills: MS Windows, MS Office, HTML, MS Project, Statgraphics, SPSS, PHP, SQL, internet, SEO, etc.
Tennis, Golf
Book Reading
Photography (Nature, Animals)
available upon request