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The Qus

16. 10. 2011


The Qus
Unlike many Chinese parents …..                          Explain
They put the needs of their only child first ..           Who?
Close-knit families and hospitality                          What is known for that?
The way of life cherished by Qu                                Which way?
His relaxed routine is out of step with a nation experiencing the most amazingly quick changes in human history.                                     What does out of step mean?
When the old communities go, the traditional family structure goes too.
                                                                                     What does go in the sentence mean?
The one-child policy forbids them  from having any more.
                                                                                     Explain one-child policy
They are proud of their daughter.                          Who and why?
She is bright and well-balanced.                          What does bright and well- balanced mean?
Live frugally
Look after someone